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3- Rolls Plate Rolling Machines – Hydraulic – AH Series

The plate rolling machines of the AH MAQFORT series, with 3 rolls in hydraulic movement, have an impressive range of standard models, 38 in total. In addition, it can be produced according to each customer’s specifications.

With the capacity to bending plates with thicknesses from 6mm to 45mm and lengths from 2100mm to 4100mm, allow us to ensure the needs of each business.

Precise, productive, reliable and robust, the 3-rolls plate rolling machines are made of St-52 welded and stabilized steel.

3-Rolls Plate Rolling Machines - Hydraulic - AH Series

The Hydraulic 3-rolls plate rolling machines are equipped with:

Standard equipment:

  • Device for bending cones;
  • Induction hardened bending rolls;
  • Digital position reader for the side rolls;
  • St-52 welded steel construction;
  • Mobile control pulpit;
  • Two bending speeds;
  • Rolls mounted on spherical bearings;
  • Hydraulic upper roller opening;
  • Hydraulic rotating top and side rolls and planetary reducer; (equipment with upper roll > 230mm).

Optional equipment:

  • Drive controlled speed;
  • Central tower and side supports;
  • Plate feeding table;
  • Interchangeable top roll;
  • Oil cooling.
On the AH series 3-rolls plate rolling machines, each of the 3 rolls are independently driven, with hydraulic motors and reducers on models with a roll diameter of 230 mm and larger. For models with a roll diameter less than 230 mm, the side rolls are driven by a hydraulic motor, + reducer and gear. The rolls are hardened and the bearings of high quality, which allows for very difficult bending operations. The upper roll has a hydraulic rest, which allows its opening to remove said parts easily and safely. AH plate rolling machines allow the pre-bending of plate at both ends, without the need to remove material from between the rolls.

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