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Automatic Band Saw Straight and Mitre Cutting

MAQFORT distributes and provides technical assistance to a wide range of band saws for cutting metals.

The range offered is highly complete, including manual operated motorized saws, hydraulic descent, hydraulic clamping, automatic lubrication, digital display, tension control and band break.


HU series

  • Electronic variable speed drive
  • Band tension and breakage control
  • Cutting Pressure Regulation
  • Hydraulic Clamping
  • Cutting head rotation (left and right)
  • Micro spray cooling
  • Capacities up to 600x445mm
Large capacity hydraulic band saw, manufactured with the greatest strength and reliability. The carbide guides guarantee high precision cuts, the head rotation allows for left and right cuts up to 60°. It has an electronic angle viewer and the band is cooled with an air-oil micro-spray system.

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