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Burr Removal and Edge Rounding Machines

MAQFORT supplies the best equipment for removing burrs and rounding the edges of sheet metal from laser cutting, plasma cutting or oxyfuel cutting.

RWT’s sheet metal surface finishing machines are highly recognized worldwide. Their design is modular and highly versatile, adapting to the specific needs of each customer.

Burr Removal and Edge Rounding Machines

In burr removal and edge rounding machines, the configuration is variable and the customer can activate and deactivate finishing stations depending on the job or material to be processed. They have quick-change brushes and belts to prevent contamination between different materials. These machines also stand out:

Modular and universal system

The machines are assembled according to the customer's needs. Within the range of stations available, the desired models and quantities can be installed, so within a single piece of equipment we can have combinations for a huge variety of finishes. Burr removal, edge rounding, oxidation/rust removal and polished or ground surface finishes. In just one pass. The entire process can be observed from the outside thanks to the acrylic safety doors.

Variable and intuitive configuration

Selecting the work to be done is extremely easy and intuitive. All the equipment is controlled via a user-friendly 7.5" touchscreen. You can activate or deactivate the stations you want to use. Measurement and adjustment for material thickness is carried out automatically by sensor. Capacity for widths of 650mm, 1100mm, 1300mm and 1600mm.

Top Quality

All the elements of the sheet metal finishing machine are top quality. The structure is highly solid and resistant, the electrical elements are from the renowned Schneider electric and Siemens brands. The abrasive elements used are world-class. All these items together make this a very low-cost parts finishing machine.


Equipped with a powerful vacuum or magnetic table, the parts do not move during the process, ensuring the same quality finish on all of them. Changing abrasives is extremely quick and easy. Belts and brushes are changed in seconds, either for wear or to process different materials and avoid contamination. The brushing and grinding units can be adjusted on the digital control so that their action on the material is greater or lesser. Each brushing unit has two rows of brushes with different directions of rotation. This movement guarantees the best finish in the most difficult-to-reach areas.


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