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CNC Folding Plate Machines

FLEXI-FOLD MAQFORT CNC Folding Plate Machines e the most economical solution for bending long sheets!

These upward movement CNC Folding Plate Machines are built with high strength and equipped with the world’s most expressive control.

With capacity for mild steel plates of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 meters in length and thickness up to 2mm.

The MAQFORT CNC Folding Plate Machines, are highly productive. Well, they combine the speed and precision of electric drives with the power of hydraulic movements.

These equipments are ideal for bending long lengths of sheets, such as gutter profiles, façade elements, roof profiles, trim, flashing and other complex profiles.

CNC Folding Plate Machines

CNC folding plate machines are ideal for bending long sheets, extremely economical these machines also stand out for:

Full-length bending quality 

Unlike most of the folding machines on the market, the CNC folding machines of the FLEXI-FOLD model have pairs of hydraulic cylinders on all blade clamping uprights. This means, for example, that a 1.25mm thick and 6 m long mild steel folding plater has 6 cylinders driving the ascending table and 6 cylinders driving the clamping uprights. On the other hand, if the plate is 2mm thick in 6 meters long the number of uprights and cylinder sets goes up to 9!

Absolute control

The CNC software that equips MAQFORT folding plate machines is one of the most advanced in the world. It was developed specifically for this type of equipment. Its programming is carried out in an easy and intuitive way, allowing total freedom in the development of the graphic design (with the direct finger on the 17.5-inch touchscreen) of profiles of various shapes. Its programming / numerical correction is also intuitive, with the insertion of dimensions and angles in the associated table, thus making it possible to observe the development of the drawing on the screen. It has practically infinite storage capacity and the results are returned for later production, with the display of “same” of them.

High productivity

With all the advantages already mentioned, we have added three points that reinforce the quality and speed of the CNC turning machines: - Automatic thickness adjustment according to the thickness of the sheet to be bent, automatic positioning of the upper blade and automatic blade pressure regulation minimizes the need for manual adjustments and adjustments. - The automatic backgauge system is strict in positioning. Synchronizes high-speed motion and positioning accuracy, reducing cycle time in parts production. - The circular shearing, which, in addition to being automatically activated, can also be operated manually, through a command or a pedal designed for this purpose. It has exceptional cutting quality, due to the quality of its circular shearing system and thanks to a simple, but effective, plate support that holds the band while it is being cut.

Compact and modular design

The issue of space occupation is a constant concern of all companies. Compared to traditional folding plates, FLEXI-FOLD folding machines have a low footprint, with their components positioned in such a way as to allow for easy maintenance.


They are available for mild steel sheet length capacities of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 meters and thicknesses up to 2 mm. Ensure plate rotation up to 145º with quality along its entire length.

Low maintenance

The servo-controlled system together with the powerful, high-quality hydraulic group ensures low maintenance requirements and is easy to carry out.


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