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CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine – XL Series

The XL Series CNC pressa brakes Machines are at the forefront of bending technology, manufactured in such a way as to be versatile, reliable and technologically advanced, and have a bending capacity of up to 1200 tons and 12 meters in length.

Its structural design is highly proven, enhancing the level of working speed, stroke, light aperture and its bending capabilities. They are impeccably built and all components are top-of-the-range.

It is a press brake machine with a synchronized bending movement, made by a high-quality electro-hydraulic group.

Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Machine - XL Series

The MAQFORT Series XL CNC hydraulic press brake machine is equipped with:
  • ESA CNC controller (4 axes);
  • Crowning table;
  • Deep throat and high stroke;
  • High quality and reinforced beam guides;
  • Adjustable and retractable front arms with linear guides;
  • Quick tool clamping system;
  • Rexroth/Siemens hydraulic-electric group;
  • Fractionated punch and die set;

Synchronized bending movement

It has a synchronized bending movement, carried out by a high quality electro-hydraulic group and commanded by a powerful 3D graphic CNC controller.

Servo-controlled backgauge

The stop is also servo-controlled, assembled on double linear guides and ball screws. Synchronism controls 4 axes (Y1, Y2, X, R), reaching up to 10 axes, supported by the powerful ESA 3D controller.

ESA 3D controller

The controllers used are at the forefront of CNC machine control technology, allow easy programming with 3D visualization of the part or direct import of CAD files and automatically calculate the sequence to carry out operations more effectively.


These machines are prepared to be integrated into production cells and connected to robots. They are press brakes that allow excellent bending results, with great quality along the entire length, regardless of the material. The overall quality of the equipment allows high-capacity bending rates, in a continuous work regime. They can easily be put to work in a combined system, tandem.

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