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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Plate – 5 Axes – Bevelcut Series

The Plasma CNC cutting machines are equipment with high capacity and excellent cutting quality.

They are equipped with the latest generation sources, from the Hypertherm brand, which allows the best high definition cut quality on the market.

The characteristics of these equipment make them a valid alternative to laser cutting equipment.

Equipped with a rotating cutting head (5 axes) the BevelCut series is designed for heavy operations, cutting high thickness sheets with high quality.

Its versatility responds to the needs of the most diverse sectors, such as agricultural machinery, machine tools, defense industry, naval, energy, furniture, consumer goods and much more.


Equipado com:hyperterm Highperformance Plasma

5 axis CNC plasma cutting machine for sheet metal – Bevelcut series

The Bevelcut CNC plasma cutting machines are impeccably built, robust and have perfect parallelism. Available in several models, the CNC plasma cutting machines for sheet metal, series BevelCut, are highly prepared to respond to production needs and come equipped with:
  • Highly dimensioned monoblock construction;
  • High construction strength and perfect parallelism;
  • High precision servo motors and rack/pinion;
  • 5-axis bevel cutting;
  • 5-axis bevel cutting;
  • Pronest software (automatic nesting system);
  • Automatic bevel module;
  • Hypertherm power supply;
  • Torch anti-collision protection;
  • Automatic torch height control;
  • Positioning of axes of ±0.02mm;
  • Positioning speed 20 m/min (max.);
  • 120º/sec bevel positioning speed;
  • Remote assistance;
  • Automatic dust and fume extraction system.

Cutting Head:

Allows automatic chamfer cutting (True Bevel Technology), which makes the part ready for welding operations.The high definition plasma allows the drilling of holes with high accuracy (True Hole Technology) The BEVELCUT models are an advanced version of PROCUT,allowing cutting at 45º and drilling for screws with a remarkable quality. The 5-axis control extends the possibility of production to highly complex parts. High definition cutting generally does not require finishing operations.

Cutting capacity and dimension:

Cutting capacity up to 80mm in mild steel, 75mm in thick stainless steel and 50mm in aluminium. Cutting dimension up to 25 meters.

High performance generator

This high performance CNC plasma cutting machine, equipped with a high definition generator, takes plasma cutting to a higher level. The production of highly complex parts has never been so easy and economical.

Waste Extraction

Easier access for waste extraction. Waste collection is divided into zones, so cleaning is done only where necessary.

Discover our entire range of plasma cutting machines and watch our videos.

FontesAço macio *Aço inox *Alumínio *
POWERMAX 10520 mm - 40 mm20 mm - 32 mm20 mm - 32 mm
POWERMAX12525 mm - 40 mm20 mm - 40 mm25 mm - 40 mm
MAXPRO 20032 mm - 50 mm25 mm - 50 mm32 mm - 38 mm
HPR 130 XD32 mm - 38 mm20 mm - 25 mm20 mm - 25 mm
HPR 400 XD50 mm - 80 mm45 mm - 80 mm40 mm - 80 mm
HPR 800 XD50 mm - 80 mm75 mm - 160 mm75 mm - 160 mm
XPR 30045 mm - 80 mm38 mm - 75 mm38 mm - 50 mm

(*) - Capacidades para corte com piercing - corte com início em aresta

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