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CNC Shearing Machine, with Variable Angle Cutting

MAQFORT’s line of CNC shearing machines, with variable angle, is is made up of a wide range of models in order to respond to the operational needs of each customer.

Manufactured with high rigidity and featuring extremely high-quality components, they stand out for their variable angle cutting system that allows them to vary between 0.5-3 and 0.5-2.5.

These shearing machines offer a capacity to cut in length from 3035mm to 6125mm and ensure the cutting of plate with thicknesses between 6 and 20mm, for the most varied types of metal.

CNC shearing machines, with variable angle cutting

CNC shearing machines are equipped with the following standard equipment:
  • CNC controller with touch screen (2D and 3D);
  • Automatic back gauge position control;
  • Automatic back gauge position control;
  • Quick adjustment of lengths (Back gauge);
  • Automatically adjustable cutting angle;
  • Front pads with spheres;
  • Programmable sequence up to 100 steps;
  • High connectivity (2 RS232, 2 USB ports);
  • Connection to external monitor;
  • 128Mb silicone disk;
  • ESA S 530 CNC Control Unit, with 7” LCD screen;
  • Automatic and hydraulic adjustment of blade clearance;
  • Hydraulic Presses;
  • Front table with integrated spheres;
  • T-slot front support arms;
  • Motorized rear limiter;
  • Pedal with emergency stop button;
  • Front protection structure;
  • Light curtain protections;
  • Cut-line;
  • Programmable up to 100 steps;
  • High connectivity (2 RS232, 2 USB ports);
  • Connection to external monitor.
  • 128Mb silicone disk.
The MAQFORT CNC shear range is designed for high-capacity, large-scale operation. The structural quality of the chassis ensures maximum rigidity and resistance to twisting and deformation and due to their powerful design, customers can obtain the highest quality of cutting. With an easy-to-use CNC controller, the operator enters the thickness and type of material and the controller automatically adjusts the cutting angle and blade clearance.


  • Faster cuts and better quality;
  • Strong and durable metal body;
  • CNC-controlled cutting gap and angle adjustment;
  • High precision and easy handling;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • High security due to protections;
  • Component brands recognized around the world;
  • Low costs in the cutting operation.

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