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Fiber Plate Laser Cutting Machine – Vento Series

The Fiber Plate Laser Cutting Machine of the VENTO series allows laser cutting of plates with high speed and efficiency. It is a highly automated equipment with automatic table change, being available in models of 3, 4 and 6 meters , and prepared to receive automatic plate loaders..

Controlled by state-of-the-art CNC software, this industrial laser cutting machine ensures easy programming or importing of CAD files. Ensuring laser plate cutting with: high quality, high speed, high precision and high efficiency. Ensuring laser plate cutting with: high quality, high speed, high precision and high efficiency.

It is suitable for cutting sheets of different thicknesses, mild steel, aluminum, brass and copper among other materials or metal alloys.

Its versatility responds to the needs of the most diverse sectors, such as agricultural machinery, machine tools, defense industry, naval, energy, furniture, consumer goods and much more.

High production capacity, versatility and low operating costs.

The Vento series fiber plate laser cutting machinesare completely autonomous. The need for human intervention has been reduced to the bare minimum. And they are prepared with:
  • Power up to 12kW, 30 mm thick and 6050 mm long;
  • High speed and precision linear servo motors;
  • High-speed, high-performance sheet laser cutting;
  • Autonomous machine with automatic table change;
  • Cut-line technology, with variable beam for perfect cuts in thin and thick plates;
  • Automatic cutting tip change;
  • Prepared for automatic plate loaders;
  • Piercing sensor and automatic cut detection;
  • Obstacle sensors to prevent collisions;
  • Compressed air cutting system, without using gas;
  • Prepared for Industry 4.0.
Command Detail

Generators up to 12 kW

It can be equipped with generators up to 12 kW, which allows cutting sheets with thicknesses of up to 30 mm. With the use of Cut-line Technology, with variable beam, we achieve perfect cuts, whether in thin or thick sheets, independently of material.

Linear Servo Motors

The revolutionary linear servo motorsguarantee the highest speeds and precision of movements in approaching, moving and cutting.

Automatic loading and unloading.

The operation of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines for Plate is completely autonomous. Automatic feeding allowsautomatic plate loading, with automatic indexing.

Sheet laser cutting, a new approach to Design and Production.

Given the infinite possibilities that plate laser cutting,machines have brought to the productive industry. They revolutionized the way to think about objects and productive means, the limit is imagination. Plate laser cutting machines allow complete design freedom. Complex drilling operations, cutting, engraving, notching, fitting, etc. are now performed in a matter of seconds and fully automatically. Reducing the need for labor, the number of intermediate operations, such as machining, to have a finished product.

Discover our entire line of Laser Cutting Machines and see our videos.

NUKON Lasers

NUKON lasers are equipped with a superior quality optical group that supports powers of up to 12kW.

Developed specifically for our equipment, it concentrates all components in a single, light and robust body made 100% of aluminum.

It was the result of a long R&D effort and its main objective is to allow easy maintenance and change of optical components on site.

Main specifications:

  • Optical structure capable of supporting up to 12kW
  • Control over contamination and temperatures in the optical group
  • Piercing sensor control
  • Water-cooled lenses and collimator
  • Integrated gas pressure gauge
  • Automatic optical calibration system
  • Auto-focus with feedback
  • Change of optical elements on site

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 or Fourth Industrial Revolution is an expression that encompasses some technologies for automation and data exchange and uses concepts of cyber physical systems, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.

From this, industry 4.0 manages to reduce its production costs and increase its productivity. This concept encompasses the main technologies available in the world and tends to offer more personalized and customizable products and services to customers.

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