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Hydraulic Shearing Machine, NC Controller- HGD Series

The MAQFORT line of hydraulic shearing machines consists of a comprehensive range of models in order to respond to the operational needs of each customer.

Manufactured with high rigidity and containing extremely high quality components, they ensure an intuitive and simple handling of the operations, through the NC controller integrated in this plate cutting machine.

These hydraulic shears offer a capacity to cut in length from 2500mm to 6000mm and ensure the cutting of plate with thicknesses between 4 and 20mm, in the most varied types of metal.

Hydraulic shears for sheet metal cutting – HGD Series

Hydraulic shears for sheet metal cutting – HGD Series:
  • ESTUN E21S controller with LCD screen;
  • Encoder backgauge control and ball screw;
  • Front pads with spheres;
  • Shadow line for exact cutting;
  • Cutting counter;
  • Backgauge with adjustment according to blade clearance.
  • High speed and precision backgauge (0.01mm).
The MAQFORT line of hydraulic shearing machines is designed to ensure the development of operations safely, quickly and with high precision. For this, they have components such as the backgauge control by encoder and with a ball screw. The stop ensures high precision and detachment speed (0.01mm) guarantees high repeatability and the intuitive blade adjustment promotes an exemplary plate cut. With integrated NC command, the operator easily indicates and determines the cut length. It also has a hydraulically activated presser foot system, guaranteeing uniform fixation along the cut.


  • Built to Last;
  • Low costs in the cutting operation;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Precisely cut;
  • Safe operations.

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