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Manual Tube and Profile 3 Rolls Bending Machine – RB Series

The line of 3-rolls tube bending machines is vast, from the simplest equipment with manual operation of the upper roll. To the most powerful equipment, with hydraulic actuation of the lower rolls.

All tube bending machines have a highly dimensioned construction ensuring structural stability during the most demanding tube or profile bending operations. The rolls / bending tools are made of special steel and heat treated, ensuring tool longevity and reduced marks on the bending profile

Manual tube and profile 3 rolls bending machine

The Manual tube and profile 3 rolls bending machine is available in two models: RB402 and RB502

Simplicity and ease of work

MAQFORT manual tube benders are easy to use, the operation of these equipments is extremely easy, even for operators with little experience. Constructed of welded steel, machined and stabilized, they have traction to the two lower rolls. The transmission is made through a reducer motor, for hardened gears. Output shafts and tools are hardened. It has capabilities to bend tubes up to 70mm.


The manual tube bender is equipped with standard universal rolls, which through the combination of its various components, adjust to most commercial profiles. Allowing high quality bending operations and low deformation.

Types of tube or profiles

Its capacity includes the execution of work in tubes and angle profiles, ""T"", ""U"" or H type construction profiles, solid square or round bars in different types of materials such as iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper or aluminum.

Work horizontally and vertically<

MAQFORT bending machines allow the operator to perform operations with the machine vertically and horizontally, facilitating the bending of larger profiles or large parts.

Versatile economical and robust

Versatile, economical, robust and easy to handle, they are suitable for various industrial sectors. It is an excellent ally for the manufacture of greenhouses, tables, chairs, car protections, doors, windows, railings, fences and a multitude of other metal products.

The benders are equipped with:

Standard equipment:

  • Casting head (RB502);
  • Mild steel head (RB402);
  • Manual upper roll movement;
  • Shafts in special and hardened steel;
  • Hardened universal tools;
  • Motorized lower rolls;
  • Adjustable side guides;
  • Mobile command with emergency;
  • Horizontal and vertical Working position;
  • Double pedal bending direction;

Optional equipment:

  • Special rolls for profiles and tubes;
  • Special side rolls for angles;
  • Rotation motor with variator.

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