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Motorized Decoiler

The range of MAQFORT decoilers is vast and covers all market needs. Each application has its specified peripheral and in an automatic line, everything starts with the decoiler.
Mechanical decoilers cover a weight range between 750kg and 4000kg. The width of the sheet coil can reach 1000mm.
The movement is motorized and of variable speed, controlled by means of a variator, which makes the starting and stopping movements smooth.
Its operation is automatically controlled by a proximity sensor.

  • Motorized movement.
  • Left or right direction.
  • Variable speed control system.
  • Manually placing the coil.
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration.
  • Plate quantity sensor.
  • Expansion of the "scissors" type mandrel
  • Pressing Arm (optional)

All decoilers in this range can be double, to reduce coil changeover time.

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