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NC Hydraulic Press brake – AP Series

MAQFORT AP Series NC Brake machines are manufactured with the aim of being versatile, reliable and technologically advanced and have a bending capacity of up to 500 tons and 6 meters in length.

Its highly dimensioned chassis with electro-welded construction gives it structural strength, allowing these press brakes machines to have one of the longest strokes, light opening and distance between uprights on the market.

Structurally, they present high strength, which allows operations with high cadence, ensuring increased travel and light opening without compromises on rigidity.

Hydraulic NC Press Brake Machine - AP Series

 The MAQFORT Series AP NC hydraulic press brake machine is equipped with:
  • Digital programming controller (Y and X axes);
  • Adjustable and retractable front arms;
  • Rexroth / Siemens hydraulic-electric group;
  • Fractionated die and punch set;
  • Quick tool clamping system;
  • Hydraulic and electrical overload protection;
  • Electric stop with speed variator;
  • Front arms with linear guides;
  • Side and rear protections.

Numeric Command and NC Controller

The AP Series hydraulic press brakes have numerical control of the X and Y axes. It uses the DA41s controller, highly accurate, easy to program and intuitive. Its 4.7″ – 320×240 LCD screen ensures quick programming of 25 bends per program and tool configuration, as well as automatic calculation of length compensation.

Rexroth/Siemens hydraulic-electric group

The Beam drive (X axis) is electro-hydraulic and carried out by a high quality assembly (Siemens-Rexroth).

Electric stop with speed variator

The stop (Y axis) is mounted on linear guides, with electric ball screw drive and encoder position reading. It also has manual adjustment of stop height (Z axis) and fingers. They are bending machines that allow excellent bending results, with great quality along the entire length, regardless of the material. The overall quality of the equipment allows high cadence bending rhythms.

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