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MAQFORT Portugal

R. Padre Domingos Joaquim Pereira, 1199
4760-563 Louro, V. N. Famalicão

Polígono Málpica Alfindén

Calle Olmo nº 32 50171 La Puebla de Alfindén Zaragoza
Telephone: (+351) 252 310 542 / 252 310 543
Fax: (+351) 252 310 650
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Parts and Consumables

Each machine and tool has specific parts and consumables for each application and MAQFORT is proud to stock most of the necessary components. We also provide technical advice so that you can make the right choices.

Original parts

Rely on our global logistics network – but above all on the guarantee of using original parts. Your equipment will work faster, more reliably and for longer. MAQFORT is fast and efficient when it comes to sending replacement parts. Most are dispatched in a record 24 hours.


MAQFORT has in stock for immediate delivery the consumables and components that your machine and tool need to operate uninterruptedly. Whether it’s lenses and bezels for laser equipment, punches and dies for press brakes or simple saw blades for your band saw. All at highly competitive prices.

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